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Originally Posted by kenpomace View Post
We got this email in our intranet for our neighborhood. We live in a semi rural area where houses are on min 1 acre and lots of woods out here.

Suspect banging on back door at 4am this morning...

Someone was setting off our back yard motion detector lights multiple times, banging on our back door several times.

PD and nearby family was called to assist.

Family saw a grey primer Honda Prelude sitting on Galley.

If anyone knows anything please let us know.

Be safe.

Some of the comments I've seen from other neighbors were like shoot thru door then call police.

DO NOT shoot through the door. Even if you have a castle doctrine protected state you still could lose a court case. And god forbid you shoot an officer or someone else who was at that back door informing you they just arrested or caught someone back there.

Personally...I would call the police and get my family and self in a covered position in the home and be ready for anyone kicking in the door. Your biggest advantage is that they are outside and you are inside. You can cut off lights and aim lights at them. That means they can't see you and you can see them. Plus you are armed and they may not know it.

Me? I have dogs. But I want lights outside and I would still call the cops.
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