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Originally Posted by kilotanker22
the thing stopping me is the fact that my county sherriff will not sign off on a supressor
That shouldn't be a reason to stop you. Almost all the CLEOs in my area won't sign off either. So, in my neck of the woods, almost everyone uses a trust instead.

A trust is superior in several ways: Once it's set up, it's a lot faster to buy an NFA item because there's no fingerprints, photos, or sign-offs required. And with a trust you can submit your paperwork via E-file, which cuts the current ten-month-wait in half or even more. And with a trust, more than one person can possess the NFA items. If I had gone the sign-off route, my wife and I would be breaking federal law because she has access to my gun safe. But because she's also on my trust, it's completely legal.

I know someone here who has managed to get one sign-off for a silencer. But he hasn't managed it since and all his other silencers are on a trust. His wife is on his trust, but the problem is that his wife can legally have access to all his silencers except that one that he got signed off. So he actually regrets the sign-off and wishes he had also bought that one using his trust.
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