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As what can probably be called a footnote to this whole thing, former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke has entered into an agreement with the Arizona Bar Association and accepted a reprimand from the state bar association for disclosing redacted versions of a couple of memos. Burke did so because thought the DOJ was making him the scapegoat. The agreement acknowledges that the OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility) had contacted the bar association and filed a copy of its report of its investigation into the matter. The OPR report itself is subject to a protective order. The agreement notes that Burke had already self-reported the matter to the bar association.

One might view the OPR's investigation and report to the bar association in a number of different ways. Perhaps it was sincerely seeking to uphold the ethical duty of confidentiality. Others might view it as an attempt to intimidate other employees with knowledge of matters making the Oval Office uncomfortable.
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