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Originally Posted by steve4102
I have a couple question that could use some clarification for me.

1). By "licence" are they referring to a Permit to carry? I walk a few miles a day on a city owned trail. One section of this trail goes right behind the High School. Yes, there is a fence between the trail and the School.

As A Permit to Carry holder, can I legally carry in this trail?

2). If living with the 1000 foot zone, is it illegal to take a firearm zipped up in an approved rifle case and carry it from your house to your car if the car is parked on a city street, or would the case have to have some type of lock?
Steve, as a Permit to Carry holder, you can ignore the GFSZA. You can carry on the trail, and to your car as you describe.

There may be other local ordinances that affect you (carry restrictions in city parks/trails sometimes exist), but as far as the federal level goes, your permit exempts you from the GFSZA. See page 10
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