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I'm looking for an all purpose rifle, probably a military surplus one which will give the most bang for the buck! LOL. That is reasonably reliable, not pricey, ammo generally available etc
All Purpose: To me that means hunting, defense, competition (3-gun to High Power (200-1000) yards. M1 Garand

Most Bang for the Buck: $625 from the CMP M1 Garand

Probably a military Surplus: M1 Garand

Reasonably reliable (make the extremely reliable) M1 Garand

Not Pricey, ammo available. 200 Rounds for $118 from the CMP M1 Garand

Lets add Accuracy. Service Grand capable of 3 moa with irons. Positive clicks (1 MOA) to 1200 yards, sighting system easy to use. M1 Garand

Hunting, capable of taking any game in NA, 100 to 220 gr. bullets M1 Garand

Parts availability (Thought I've been shooting mine for over 30 years and haven't broke anything). Parts are available from the CMP, Gun parts Inc. and hundreds of other places across the country. M1 Garand

I don't believe in an all around do everything rifle, but the M1 Garand comes closer then anything I can think of.
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