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I personally like the 1874 appearance over the 1877 but the 1877 lock time might be a bit faster. In the past I have owned several 1874 Shiloh rifles and I think they and Montana Armory rifles are the cat's meow. I have never owned a Montana Armory rifle but I have been to their place of business and personally inspected their rifles and they don't have to take a back seat to any one. You wouldn't go wrong with either rifle and either would be a quality firearm you could proudly pass on to you children or grandchildren. I personally wouldn't sneeze at some of the Pedersoli rifles. Back when my interest was sparked concerning Sharps rifles I don't think Pedersoli was making one. Otherwise, I might never have become so infatuated with Shiloh rifles.

I believe since you are not considering shooting competition it really doesn't make any difference which one you choose. If it were me I would select the 1874 but then I might end up with a 1877 also.

I just remembered I have owned two 1875 Montana Armory rifles in the past, but to me they just don't have the pizazz of the 1874 either.

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