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I am happy to see that the Richmomd range is still open and functional! Back in the early 60's when I was on several (15th AF and Beale AFB) pistol teams there was a 2700 outdoor pistol match fired there about once a month. We were there whenever it was held. I have many fond memories of that range. I fired my first ever sanctioned match there out of many hundred in 1963. There was also a range at San Mateo that held 2700's quite often. It was located on the bay at Coyote Point near San Francisco International. Does anyone know it that one is still open? ............... oops sorry fellows! I just followed the link that "Good Guy" posted and see that Coyote Point is also still OPEN! That is great news .......... now I wonder if that cute lil blonde that worked the gate is still there?
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