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When I was a teenager, my sibling, who is much younger than me, had a minor physical altercation with a neighbor child. When the mother found out, she came to the back door. When I opened the door, we spoke for a brief moment, and then she attempted to storm past me in an effort to enter the house.

I stood in her way and when she tried to push me out of the way, I gave her a shove that tossed her a few feet away. I told her to get off the property and she said that she didn't have to, I replied that she was on private property and if she didn't leave I would call the police. I did not call the police, and instead, the police showed up at MY door about 5 minutes later.

When I didn't call the police, the person who tried to illegally enter a house with the stated intent of assaulting a child, did call the police. She called the police and claimed that she had knocked on the door and I assaulted here when I opened the door. She was known in the area as a crackhead, but the police were at MY house. Hindsight is 20/20, and that is why we can learn from the past, if I had immediately called the police and said that the next door neighbor was trying to break into my house and I was afraid she was going to come back, the police would most likely have responded to her house instead of mine.

Call the police. Whatever action you take, call the police if you can. The police are not very likely to assume you are crying wolf, they get these types of calls on a regular basis and they know it happens. Now, if you are calling every time the wind blows something against your house, that's a different story.

Get the first report in before they do.
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