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Richards Microfit Stock

I just purchased a Richards laminated stock and I'm very pleased with it. In Jan of 2014 I started looking for a replacement stock for a Savage 111 and sent e-mails out to 3 different stock companies. Helen from Richards was the 1st to reply to my e-mails. She had me take pics of my Savage composite stock and then send them to her. 3 days later she contacted me again and I sent her a few more pics of the rifle without stock. She explained to me that the only stock I could get without sending rifle was one that was 95-96%. She gave me prices and told me what type of time frame I would be looking at which was about 8 weeks. I told her I'd call her back in a few days and let her know. 1st weef of Feb I called and ordered a thumbhole sporter in camo laminate. Gave her my CC # but she said it wouldn't be billed till it was shipped. 3 days later I called back and had a recoil pad added also. 2 weeks later Helen called and asked for 1 more picture of the floorplate which I sent. 3 weeks later I had the stock delivered to my doorstep! Was very happy. I do have to inlet the trigger guard which is gonna take the most time but she did say about 95%.
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