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Originally Posted by Rifleman1776
Your "understanding" is dangerous. I have a good friend, war hero, convicted by Feds because they "surmised" he had knowledge of something someone else had done. Long story. Take nothing for granted re: the Feds.
The school zone laws are a genuine infringement, IMHO. In many/most rural areas every pick up truck waiting in line to pick up a child after school has a gun inside. This is a major issue for me as I am a reenactor and used to speak in schools carrying a Rev. period flintlock rifle. That is now illegal and I cannot do it anymore.
Are they on school grounds?

Originally Posted by Grizz12
it was in the news a few months ago that the feds (not sure which dept.) set up sting shops next to schools in order to entrap people for carrying in school zones. They mentioned city officials originally declined the opening of the businesses due to the school zoning/gun laws but the feds showed their badges to get a pass on opening the shops.
Do you have a link to this or is it just a rumor you heard?
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