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Originally Posted by Librarian
(q)(2) is not aimed at FFLs.
I know, which is why I was asking if there were any other Federal statutes or regulations that would apply that I was missing.

Originally Posted by Librarian
The behavior you describe
He informed me that they have to secure any purchased firearm in a locked container and walk the customer to their car. I asked him if he was sure it was Federal law and not a BATFE regulation, and he reiterated it was Federal law.
is entirely consistent with the requirements of GFSZ for folks without a license to carry.
That's what I gathered. That part doesn't bother me too much, and honestly makes sense, since the gun counter is in the far back corner of the store.

The supposed "ban" on carrying in the store is what I am really trying to get answers about. I don't think I was clear.

Originally Posted by Librarian
You don't mention your state, but I can tell it isn't California (for which you should thank your lucky stars). Here, it is effectively impossible to to open an FFL within 1000 feet of a school. But if one were to exist, locked-case transport would be required to bring firearms to and from that FFL.
I snuck it in at the end, mostly because the guy was so adament about it being Federal law, and because Indiana's school zone law is limited to school property.
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