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Originally Posted by Librarian
You found the Federal GFSZ law. Essentially nothing to do with BATF.
Except I am asking about an FFL operating within a school zone, which is very much the realm of the BATFE, and which is why I am asking about BATFE regs about said FFL in said school zone.

Originally Posted by Librarian
It means what it says - if you have a license from the same state as the school zone in question, you are exempt from the restriction. Without a license, must transport handguns and long guns unloaded locked in a case or a gun rack.
Except that in most other cases of using the word "Licensed" in the same section, it refers to someone who has a Federal Firearms License, as in a "licensed dealer," hence my trepidation.

Originally Posted by Librarian
The Federal law does not account for places where a license is not required for some form of carry.

And GFSZ does not apply on private property that happen to be in that 1000' school zone.

California has its own version of GFSZ; I happen to live inside a GFSZ.
That's why I am asking about other laws that I may have missed or BATFE regs. It doesn't matter if the GFSZ Act exempts private property when it comes to carrying in a school zone if the BATFE won't issue an FFL to a dealer within a GFZ without banning carry. I haven't found anything suggesting this, which is why I am asking here.
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