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Originally Posted by 4runnerman
dojer- I am trying to understand your post?. At 500 yards the bullet is still well over 2600 fps.
Your about 1000 fps off, a 165-168 grain bullet will have around 1800 fps. That is where most bullet manufacturers set a minimum speed for optimal expansion. The thing is even a tough bullet like a mono metal will still deform at slow speeds and have some expansion it isn't the ideal situation but it'll still work as long as you put the bullet where it belongs.

Originally Posted by dojer
It takes a hot load and a long barrel, for a 308 Win to get 2700 fps with a 165gr btsp, or bthp, at the MUZZLE
Not really, considering the SAAMI specs for the cartridge have it with a max pressure of 62,000 PSI. There are several powders out there that will get you to nearly 2800 fps out of a 24" barrel with 165 grain bullet without going over 60,000 psi. A 20" barrel won't reach 2700 fps but it'll get around 2650+/- with the same loads. 22-24" have been the standard length barrel in the industries for several years on hunting rifles so I wouldn't call them long. The loads may be max but they aren't what I'd call hot.
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