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dojer- I am trying to understand your post?. At 500 yards the bullet is still well over 2600 fps. It will expand very fine. The 308 is very very much a high power and accurate round. More than capable of dropping animals at 500 yards ( which is not that far of a shot ). Any one that thinks a 308 is not a Long Range ( paper) target rifle has no expirence shooting that round at all. As of last year at the Grand Master Match in Montana a 308 took 3rd place at 1000 yards,beating a pile full of 6.5 ,260, ect ect. Thousand of people shoot deer at 400 plus yards every year with no difficulty. There is a old saying about the 308. ( take it for what its worth). The 308 is great at everything and the best at nothing.It is just a all around great round period.
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