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Originally Posted by dojer
like somebody who has no clue what's involved in getting reliable hits at such ranges. Certainly, a 308 won't reliably expand a big game softpoint beyond 500 yds, so such a hit would be extremely unlikely to result in a humane kill. If you can't afford to spend a lot more than that on the gun and scope, how can you possibly afford enough practice time and ammo to be able to make such shots? This sort of thing is basically a full time job, and it's still going to be subject to crippline animals, because they took a step with the bullet in flight, or a gust of wind came up, etc.
Again, the OP never specifically stated that he wanted to hunt game at 800 yards. He simply stated he wanted a rifle he could shoot to 800 yards and take deer and hog hunting with friends. I guess you could "assume" since he said he'll mainly use the rifle at the range he wants to shoot game at 800 yards.

It's also a good thing that you don't need reliable expansion to provide clean kills on game. Penetration to the vitals is what provides humane kills on animals. Expansion promotes trauma and aids in killing that is for sure, but it isn't needed. However, the main reason expanding ammunition is required by law is to prevent over penetration.

Price plays no factor into how well you can shoot at 800 yards. I routinely shoot to 600 on steel with rifles that cost far less than the OP's budget. Heaven forbid some of them don't even have optics on them. I can buy a new rifle for less than 1K with optics that I can easily take to 800+ yards. Just like this rifle "Ruger American nailing the plate at 1040 yards."

Originally Posted by willams480
Hey folks,

I see there are some questions, so hope this helps.

The rifle is bone stock except for some added weight in the buttstock for balance (it was nose heavy with the scope), and relocated the bi-pod reward towards magazine to reduce stock twisting while trying to acquire the target and leveling the rifle.

I'm using a Vortex Viper 6.5-20X50PA scope and Wheeler level.
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