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Originally Posted by Nickel Plated
Keep in mind there are THOUSANDS of cases per year that want to be heard by the Supreme Court. And they can only do a couple dozen at best. It's a simple matter of odds. Gun rights aren't the only important issue in this country that requires the SC's attention.
Which is why there needs to be more than one group of decrepit, old folks that constitutes the "Supreme Court".

The Constitution says there is only 1 Supreme Court, but it doesn't say how that can be implemented.

There is the same number of Supreme Courts today as there were 200+ years ago, and we have 60 times the population. They are clearly a bottleneck in our legal system, so it's not unreasonable to suggest there should perhaps be 540 SCOTUS Justices in 60 chambers, hearing cases at 60 times the current rate.
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