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Midway offers 170 choices in .308 ammunition, and only about 34 choices for the 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington combined. 40 of those 170 choices is for target/match ammunition so the .308 still has more choices than the others.

Yes, agreed!

just that the .308 isn't lacking either.
Well, but yes and no. Mostly, yes it is lacking, seems to me, relative to other long-range choices out there - and that's my main point. If everything else were equal, .308 would frankly suck gonads as a long-range round (it's all relative). But everything else is not equal - more selection of extremely high quality components - ammo and rifles - due (solely) to inertia. Therefore it's a pretty decent choice, and in fact, for most people, probably THE best choice if staying under 600 yards. And bbl life is excellent, so it's got that too. However, the gentleman going by "DemiGod LLC" says that .260 rem "blows away" (direct quote) the .308 in drop and drift at 1,000 yards. And that's a measly .260 rem, to say nothing of something like 6.5-284, .284 win, .280 rem AI, 7mm WSM, 7mm RSAUM, or even a properly built .243 win or other 6mm.

But then again, I guess you could say that all cartridges are "lacking" relative to the next bigger one, until you get to .375-408 Cheytac. I dunno. It's all relative to bbl burn and cost. But I think that the .308 could definitely said to be lacking when you could go to a *smaller* cartridge like .260 rem which still has very good barrel life, and: (a) "blows away" the .308 in drop and drift at 1K yards, according to a noted expert, AND (b) has less recoil, AND (c) has cheaper components - meaning bullets (brass and powder are the same roughly).

But you're right - due to inertia / existing options, .308 is a very good choice, sadly enough.

I guess maybe the best way to put is "big picture, .308 isn't lacking" but if you either reload and/or are patient enough to buy the highest quality ammo available, the .308 is lacking.

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