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Originally Posted by Unlicensed Dremel
Well, first off, I don't understand the "want something to take hunting .... with friends" part because no one hunts at 800 yards - no one with any ethics, that is, and almost no one period, youtube vids notwithstanding.
The OP never stated he was wanting to shoot game at 800 yards just a rifle that he could shoot that far as well as take hunting. As far as ethics that is a personal opinion as to what is an ethical range at which people should shoot. I've hunted around people who can cleanly make kills at ranges at which I would never attempt and hunted around people who had no business taking a shot at any range. It isn't up to me or anyone else to tell them that they shouldn't hunt. The best we can hope for is that people who hunt recognize their ability and hunt within those abilities.

Originally Posted by Unlicensed Dremel
Chambering. You can do a lot, LOT better than .308. .308 win is fine of course, but many chambering choices are better past about 600: Take your pick: .260 rem, 6.5x55, 6.5-.284 norma, 7mm WSM, 7mm RSAUM, .280 rem, .280 rem AI, 6.5-'06, 7mm-08...even .270 Win beats the hell out of .308 win in drop and drift, all other things being equal (if you can achieve that, meaning equally accurate rifle build and ammo).
Again that's all opinion, since the OP stated that he doesn't reload. If you don't reload the .308 is an excellent cartridge to choose for a beginner. Much more factory options available for ammunition than any of the cartridges you mentioned.
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