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Furthermore, we need at least four Justices who want to hear such a case.
Yes and no. If we have four solid on our side but they know there isn't a fifth, "our" four may very well not want it to come up yet.

Even if we get a case heard, and we get a favorable outcome, they can ban guns from courthouses. Most states already do, so there's precedent for that. I really doubt such a thing weighs on their decision of whether or not to hear a case.
Ummm...under Heller guns can be banned from being brought into a courthouse. But banned from coming up to the front door? If there's a right to carry as well as a right to self defense...maybe not, because people have been murdered at the front steps of a courthouse because that was a place they would be known to be unarmed. That is exactly what happened to police chief Sid Hatfield:

...and that story has been repeated since. All it would take would be some woman called for jury duty or whatever who had a solid restraining order out...
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