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"I'm looking to get to 800 yards under $1,200. I'm thinking I want a 308. I'm mostly a sport shooter but want something to take hog and deer hunting with friends. What are your recommendations?"

He never stated his precise intentions and mentioned hunting but nothing to indicate otherwise. There are those out there that [I]would[I] try taking game at that distance, so I just asked for clarification, that's all. I did mis-read the ballistics on the round an indeed using the bullet mentioned, the round does only drop 18+ feet. But, factor in a crosswind of only 5 miles an hour steady then you have to adjust your windage 3.5 feet and hope that the wind doesn't change.

I totally agree with all the input. I own a 700 PSS that's been tuned by a professional and respected gunsmith in our area. Boring to shoot at 100 yds.

My intentions were not to intimidate the OP. Just to clarify his objective.


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