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Originally Posted by 1Hobie
1. Why are you trying to take game at up to 800yds? Are you positive you can make a clean kill at that range?
2. It doesn't matter how much you spend on a high end scope if you expect it to make any shot count. Do you already have long range experience in calculating wind drift, ambient temp. and a sundry of other variables?
1. The OP never stated he was trying to take game at that range. He said:

Originally Posted by silverstang23
I'm looking to get to 800 yards under $1,200. I'm thinking I want a 308. I'm mostly a sport shooter but want something to take hog and deer hunting with friends.
To me this meant that he wanted a rifle capable of getting to 800 yards at a range, but something he's still able to hunt deer and hogs with.

2. The OP's original post pretty much implied that he didn't have the experience to shoot 800 yards, but was wanting the equipment to help get him there. It's a lot easier to shoot LR with good equipment and learn how to get there, than to use a mediocre setup.

Originally Posted by 1Hobie
Here's a ballistics chart that shows a 32 ft. drop at 800yds. using factory ammo. You will have to be able to hold over that much and most scopes don't have that much adj. available.
Depends on the ammunition used, .308 Winchester 168 grain Federal Gold Match only drops 220.9" in 800 yards 221/12=18.4' of drop from a 100 yard zero.

1 MOA is 1.047" at 100 yards, so 8X1.047=8.367" is 1 MOA at 800 yards. 221/8.637=25.5 MOA of drop at 800 yards. If you start thinking in MOA (or MIL is using those adjustments) instead of inches and feet it makes LR shooting so much easier. Most 30mm scopes have around 70-75 MOA of adjustment so you'll only use about 1/3 of the adjustment to get to 800 yards. 1" scopes are usually around 50 MOA so you'll need half, that is why canted bases are usually needed with the 1" tube scopes and the .308 Win.
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