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You could make a baitcicle, basically a chunk of frozen water, meat, and blood. It will melt, and the smell will travel down wind. Slightly rotten meat will put more smell into the air.

They tend to approach from down wind but sometimes if they haven't been educated a rabbit in distress call will have them running towards the noise in a straight line.

Right now I would go for rabbit or any rodent in distress call. It's the end of winter and they are probably pretty hungry. Coyotes are opportunistic and if it sounds like food they will come towards it.

If your local laws permit it, hunting them at night is probably the best way to go about it. But I have seen them waltzing around in the middle of the day outside my house, probably hunting one of the cats.

From mid to late spring, the deer are giving birth, deer fawn is probably one of the favorite meals of the coyote. Any deer fawn noise will bring them in, and I have no qualms about making them wary of fawn noises. Coyotes learn quickly, and associating that fawn noise and being shot at will only make them wary of approaching a real fawn.
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