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Lots of good replies here. im new at it too, but have done alot of research. i agree with staying 100+ yards away. also, the dogs will at some point try/will get downwind of you. shooting them before they do is key here. Red filtered spotlights. I to am going to be using roadkills. scent is a very strong scense to them and makes them easier to draw in when the catch the scent. also it can give you an edge as to where they will come from(sometimes). Bigger packs also means less food to go around, especially winter as someone already mentioned. I believe as with any other hunt, experience is the best way to hone the skills. Break the ice and go from there. My grandfather and I have hung deer scraps low on trees where coyotes are known to be in the area, coming back the next day to find them gone. could have been anything, but interesting none the less. In the summer here, i generally hear 2-3 large packs just on the outskirts of the villiage. im betting this will be when i have my best luck. a friend of mine just sits at home till he hears that, then drives out to the country with his 223 walks in close from there and boom! As I fish after dark in the same area im sure I'll be able to get some shots then. I'm just limited on time right now due to paramedic school. Best of luck to you.
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