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My point is that if you go out under gunned, you will eventually lose a hog. Period. Treat 'em with some respect as the big game animal they are. That doesn't apply to where they are a nuisance. Shoot 'em with what you've got and kill all you can.

Having personally witnessed a 7mm mag round bounce off, a 165 Sierra GameKing out of a .300 Weatherby splash off the shield and having shot one a LOT with a 22-250 I'll stick to the tried and true deep penetrating large caliber stuff. I try not to make my game animals suffer needlessly. You do what you want.
This is the point I was trying to make....We give $20 bounties on pigs....U shoot it in the runs off and dies..but we need em down quick....If they don't go down quick..they will be in deep brush soon....I have seen pigs shot multiple times with an AR or SKS..some still ran....The first shot should put down any pig(if a good shot)..but the rest of the group is running....Plus a smaller type pig can't take the abuse a big heavy boar can....
Hog Hunters never die........They just reload.........
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