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I have a Ruger P-90. It shoots well, runs always and it is accurate. But the trigger is pretty horrendous. I have read that swapping it out for a Ruger P-95 trigger is the ticket for improvement and there's very little work that needs to be done for the swap. However, it does seem like getting your hands on a Ruger P-95 trigger isn't the easiest thing to do.

Your pistol -- I really like the color change on the frame, although it definitely appears as black and not any manner of blue to my eyes, at least with these photos. But major improvement in how it looks
There were few pictures of what the Socom Blue was supposed to look like, and not that it mattered anyways; I've looked at plenty of pics of cerakote in the same color and they are always somewhat different shades. So I took the chance to experiment on this gun to see for myself what the Socom Blue looks like. It is as close to real blueing color as you can get from what I hear, and I suppose I agree. in sunlight there is a bluer tinge to it. It is barely noticeable in normal lamplight. I am trying to get a P95 trigger to do that mod and have been unable to locate one. If you look carefully you can see the trigger on my gun wasn't polished at all, just raw blasted since I'll be replacing it. I posted asking if the P345 trigger might work the same but it was unanswered.

As for the stainless, I normally don't like the look, however, reading through my list, there are only a few guns that I selected stainless for, the rest are blued or coated. So I tried it out on this also, and I enjoy the antique look. When I get my S&W 4566 I'll try that out in more of a satin.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I will have more plans for cerakote in interesting combinations (I hope) in the future.
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