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I have a Ruger P-90. It shoots well, runs always and it is accurate. But the trigger is pretty horrendous. I have read that swapping it out for a Ruger P-95 trigger is the ticket for improvement and there's very little work that needs to be done for the swap. However, it does seem like getting your hands on a Ruger P-95 trigger isn't the easiest thing to do.
So I find. I suspect they've all been bought up by people wanting to do the P90 trigger mod. I hope Ruger makes more.

I also replaced the OEM grips (those grips are horrendous in look & feel!) but I did mine with a set of NOS Pachmayr. And in my first range trip out, it was massive, fall-on-my-face FAILURE. Quite simply, the rubber grip was interfering with the trigger bar/linkage. I didn't realize that on the range, I simply thought the gun went to the crapper on me. Further investigation revealed the problem and a lot of very methodical work with an X-acto razor fixed everything and not even a hiccup since that time, and that was a thousand rounds ago.
I don't care for the factory grips either. I ran with the Hogue finger groove grips for a long while, but decided soft rubber didn't do it for me. I got a set of the same Uncle Mike's rubber grips that the thread originator used.

I wish I hadn't sold my P-90, it was the first gun I bought for myself and it was a great gun.
I'd offer to sell mine, but I'm going to guess that we wouldn't be able to meet on price. In other words, how badly do you want one?

I sold it to partially fund a Kimber Pro CDP II and while I now own the nicer gun I still mist that P-90. Mine was a great shooter and would eat just about anything I fed it with the exception of some reloads with LRN bullets, I never could get those to feed reliably.
Nothing is loaded commercially with LRN bullets that I'm aware of, so those would be handloads. Depending on exactly how it was having the problem feeding, it could be either a problem with seating depth or crimp. (I've had problems with both that I had to solve.)
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