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I have a Ruger P-90. It shoots well, runs always and it is accurate. But the trigger is pretty horrendous. I have read that swapping it out for a Ruger P-95 trigger is the ticket for improvement and there's very little work that needs to be done for the swap. However, it does seem like getting your hands on a Ruger P-95 trigger isn't the easiest thing to do.

Your pistol -- I really like the color change on the frame, although it definitely appears as black and not any manner of blue to my eyes, at least with these photos. But major improvement in how it looks. I can't say the same for the slide, I really don't care for the bright, shiny, almost mirror look to it, but to each his own. Your work certainly looks well done, I just don't care for the look of the slide.

Mine doesn't get a heap of range time. My log says it's eaten only 1,375 since I got it (barely used) four years ago. But for the $325 I spent on it, I'm happy with the purchase. I wouldn't hesitate to trust it if I found myself in that position, but I do have to relay a short tale:

I also replaced the OEM grips (those grips are horrendous in look & feel!) but I did mine with a set of NOS Pachmayr. And in my first range trip out, it was massive, fall-on-my-face FAILURE. Quite simply, the rubber grip was interfering with the trigger bar/linkage. I didn't realize that on the range, I simply thought the gun went to the crapper on me. Further investigation revealed the problem and a lot of very methodical work with an X-acto razor fixed everything and not even a hiccup since that time, and that was a thousand rounds ago.

So... please check, re-check, and check again to ensure that any replacement grip panels, especially rubber or anything that may bend, swell, or be gorilla-gripped to deform and change shape does NOT interfere with the linkage, or you may also have a day of frustration on the range. You will notice that the OEM grips are rock-solid and won't be gripped or squeezed out of shape. If you replace them with anything pliable, you can have complete failures if they interact with that linkage.
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