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Another gun maker jumps into the striker fire pit
I hope this turns out to be a hoax, honestly. The market is flooded with striker fires and I'm tired of it. At least HK has continued to develop new guns that are hammer fired, along with Beretta and Sig which I think gives them a little extra respect.

What I'd like to see is a new gun come out with a metal frame from HK. When that happens, I'll be a lot more interested.
It's not a hoax. HK officially announced it was on the way at SHOT, they just didn't provide any photos.

HK has been producing polymer striker fired pistols since the 70's - quite some time before ANYONE else. They aren't exactly new to the game and this isn't their only new development.

A P30 subcompact is also on its way, which I AM super excited about.
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