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Why? Hollow point self-defense rounds like Hornady TAP will penetrate less through walls and cause more damage in soft tissue.
I use M193 55gr FMJ to keep things standardized and simple. M193 produces plenty of wound trauma at home defense distances.

This is very dependent on velocity, exact bullet construction, and target medium consistency. Don't expect 100% fragmentation, especially if the barrel is less than 16 inches. (e.g. M193 in an 11.5 inch semiauto SBR is a poor choice over 55 grain softpoints)
At HD distances M193 velocity from a 16" bbl is adequate to produce reliable and substantial bullet fragmentation in soft tissues.

In the event of an errant bullet, M193 is not barrier blind. Walls are hard barrier materials that present shear force resistance to bullet penetration which causes M193 to fragment.

The military spent quite a bit of time and money trying to get their 5.56 tumbling or 'yawing' in flesh.
This is untrue. All pointed non-expanding bullets will yaw in soft tissues because the center of gravity (the majority of its mass) is located nearer the base of the bullet than the tip. The bullet seeks a state of stability in flesh and it does this by yawing 180 degrees to travel backwards. Even the lowly .22 LR LRN bullet yaws 180 degrees in flesh.
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