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. . .the difference between a .2 MOA 15 lb rifle, and a .3 MOA 6 lb rifle makes a difference. For a deer hunter @ under 500 yards the extra .1 MOA is not worth the weight. In fact from typical hunting shooting positions you can't really take advantage of anything much less than 1 MOA.
This is my point. I would love to see a real .2 MOA all day long rifle! Really! IMO, .6 MOA is a great shooting field gun. 1 MOA is a great shooting hunting rifle.

I have some experience with both. Also, IME, these threads tend to bring out the guys who will tell you their 6lb hunting rifle never shoots over .3MOA. . .Really, 100 shots through the same hole = .3MOA?

So, to qualify my .6 or 1 MOA, I'm talking about 1 shot per minute, 5 shots, 100 yd, good shooter, FR and RR sand bag/pedestal rest groups. I've never seen consistently better except from a benchrest rifle off a real benchrest setup. Maybe my life is limited! I have seen many a 3 shot shooter talk about their .3MOA varmint gun when it was shooting .5" or bigger groups.


My real point is a 6 lb rifle just does not settle in a field expedient rest or in my std position hold like a 13 - 15 lb rifle. I can be much more accurate in the field with some weight. With a 6 lb rifle, even a heart beat moves it a bit.

So, what to hunt with. . .? I go as heavy as I'm willing to carry for longer range stuff. For 0 - 300 yd stuff, I can see going with a fast handling 2 - 3 MOA (field) rifle for quickness and an easy carry.

I hope I live long enough to see a real 5 shot, 100 yd, .3 MOA, 5 shot group, everytime, 6lb rifle. . .Until then, I guess I have to use what I know.
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