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Originally Posted by lostintheozone
Put a suppressor on your AR if that is what you are going to use in your house. You need to be able to hear everything if you are going to defend yourself so ear protection is not a good idea.
I agree 100%. Taking the time to grab hearing protection doesn't make much sense to me, especially considering you might be waking from a deep sleep. Also, if it's not electronic you won't be able to hear as well, and if is electronic you have to worry about batteries.

For me, in times where I've fired an M16 under stress I've experienced auditory exclusion; I couldn't hear the shots but I could hear and feel the buffer and spring moving under my cheek. So it's possible the gunfire won't distract you in the heat of the moment. But keep in mind that the auditory exclusion phenomena is purely mental; you'll still experience permanent hearing loss from the shots. Me, I have a silencer on my AR-15. It's my stationary "hole up in the bedroom with my family" gun so length isn't that much of an issue.

Originally Posted by lostintheozone
As far as I know you can't suppress a shotgun so that's out.
You can, it's just a little more difficult and the silencers are pretty big. But shotgun suppressors aren't very common in the suppressor world.

Originally Posted by lostintheozone
Lots of good ones available. Here's a Sig suppressor.
The SIG silencers are garbage. They're just capitalizing on the recent boom in silencer popularity by throwing their name on sub-standard products.
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