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Good article, Thallub.

The only problem with it...

"The first U.S. musket, made in 1795, was .70 caliber. The first U.S. percussion musket, the Model 1842, was caliber .69..."

The US Model 1795 musket was .69 caliber, not .70. After receiving tens of thousands of muskets from our French allies during the Revolutionary war, the US adopted as standard the French .69 caliber, as opposed to Britain's Long Land Musket (Brown Bess) standard of .75 caliber.

I don't think that this is true, either...

"In 1885, the U.S. Army standardized the caliber .58..."

By 1885 the US was well into the .45-70 era. The .58 was first adopted with the Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifled musket in 1855 (along with the adoption of the Model 1855 rifle). The Mississippis were rebored from .54 to .58 to take the new Minie ball.
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