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A bet? :)

I'll make a bet with anyone that if they attempt to create a corporate entity solely for the purpose of acquiring Class III weapons and trying to evade local jurisdiction, in the political climate today, will not be approved.
"Not be approved"? By whom?

You mean approval by the state for the corporation? The state doesn't care what you say on your application for incorporation, providing it's not anything expressly illegal - just pay your incorporation fees, file appropriate papers/statements, and maintain them yearly.

You mean approval by the BATF? The BATF doesn't care about the type of corporation you have, just that it is a legal corporation and that it is maintained for the duration of the ownership of the NFA weapons.

What other approvals are you referring to?

Only type of corporation that will pass the test today would be someone involved in some way in the industry, be security, LE sales or FFL.
Pass what test? You mean approval? Again, by whom?

I work part time for the largest Class III dealer in the Northwest and probably the largest in the west coast. We've seen so many corporate application get shot up and go down in flames, that if the applicant is not in friendly territory and willing to get LE approval, we won't even bother. Corporate route is not as simple as it seams.
Corporate applications for what? Mere NFA weapon ownership, Form 4 transfers for NFA weapons ownership? Or do you mean FFL/SOT applications?

I don't care what experience you profess - real world experience would show you that there any many, many corporations that have been, and currently are, being formed solely because the local CLEO will not sign off on a Form 4 transfer.

Perhaps your experience in "application get shot up and go down in flames" refers to FFL/SOT applications by corporations - those are subject to local approval, no question. If you don't have the blessing of the city, county, province, borough, village, or whatever passes as local government's blessing to open up a gun shop/store, then of course you won't be approved for a FFL/SOT license.

Lastly, you refer to "trying to evade local jurisdiction". FYI : there is no local jusrisdiction - other than by the state - over NFA weapons. None at all, period. If you acquire a MG in City A and want to move to City B, all you have to worry about is whether or not the state you're moving to allows MG possession, and file a Form 5320.20 advising the BATF you are permanently transporting the weapon to the new location. You don't have to get your new jurisdiction's CLEOs permission, or even advise him you have a NFA weapon. The CLEO signoff is a Form 4 requirement created arbitrarily by the BATF.

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