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I use a Lee Classic Turret Press too. I made a wonderful discovery. I found that the 0.3 cc yellow dips that Lee sends with their dies gives me EXACTLY and RELIABLY 3.0 grains of AA#2. This is in the middle range for this powder using Berry's 100gr HBRN bullets.

This load works great in my Sig P232 which is similar to the Bersa Thunder 380s.

I verified all this by using my RCBS 10-10 scale, and the dip never varied more than 0.05 grains. You will want to verify this for yourself, of course.

If you're used to using your press with the auto disk powder drop, you can get thrown off by using the dip instead. So until you get used to it, I'd suggest being very very diligent to make sure you don't get a round with no powder or double powder.
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