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I am weighing out the idea of a suppressor vs. having hearing protection hanging next to the bed that could both protect and even enhance my hearing.
L2R, if a suppressor is an option for you by all means exercise it. You will already have it on your gun should you need it. You may or may not have time to get the ears on so any advantage you can have is desirable. Not only do you get sound attenuation but you also moderate muzzle flash.

In the sound debate, what most people miss is that properly taken readings are done in an anechoic chamber. If not a chamber then we have to look at the environment it was taken in as it is not "Controlled". Were the measurements taken out doors or in a large room like a firing range? It matters.....a lot.

When fired out doors the sound gets to go away from us: the direction of travel. That is why the sound is much less behind the gun as opposed to the side of the muzzle or in front of the muzzle.

When fired in doors such as in a hallway, much more of the sound is reflected back towards us. You can easily get 10 or more dB GAIN depending on location / distance from walls and corners, and construction. You also get a longer duration of the sound pulse due to reflection. With this in mind if I could use a suppressor to knock 20 or more dB off of the source; I would take it.
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