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obvious choice life over hearing

I agree 100%.

But if I plan well, why can't I have both?

While your point is spot on, my thread was started due in part to my partial loss of hearing already in my life.

It got me thinking about my Dad whose hearing loss greatly contributed to him ending up in a nursing home. There were other issues but the environment that he created, screaming, chronic asking to repeat words, blasting the tv all day long played a major roll in him losing his independence.

So, while my hearing may not rank #1 in the heat of the moment, I realize that my hearing is like using up a tube of toothpaste and mine is already half squeezed out.

I am weighing out the idea of a suppressor vs. having hearing protection hanging next to the bed that could both protect and even enhance my hearing. Having 2 dogs probably buys me time. And if I don't have time, well then, so be it.

I won't just ignore the facts and end up like my Dad without trying.

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