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That is a factor to consider....Weight is relative to what you are use to. The magazines have broken them down to "lite weight" and "Fly weight" rifles. Fly weights are bare rifles under 5.5lbs. Lite weights are bare rifles under 7lbs. I dont know how in-stone these are but it seems like most publications are following this rule of classifications.
Some may consider a Winchester Feather weight with scope a lite weight at about 8.75-9lbs out the door. All of my hunting rifles from Sako to Winchester were about that and I was happy with that as a all around rifle. It wasn't till I picked up a sub 7lbs rifle that got me excited. The trouble is quality light weight rifles are still expensive. They are coming down and you can see there is a huge interest in them. Savage is now making a one at a affordable price. Remington has one with the Remington Seven. I think all manufactures will eventually have them in their catalog.
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