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Originally Posted by Luger_carbine
I see just the opposite. If the gun control politicians in Colorado are any indication, then we can expect gun control politicians in California to continue to do everything they can to limit Second Amendment rights in any and every way they can.

When one avenue is closed, another avenue is pursued with even greater intensity.
I think you underestimate the importance of his ruling, when it would actually be hard to OVERestimate the importance.

This ruling explicitly places "bearing arms" under the protective mantle of core constitutional right and (at the very least implicitly) states that Strict Scrutiny is the proper tool for evaluating laws which abridge that right.

Intermediate scrutiny is not appropriate, however,
for cases involving the destruction of a right at the core of the Second Amendment.
To be clear, we are not holding that the Second Amendment requires the
states to permit concealed carry. But the Second Amendment does require that the
states permit some form of carry for self-defense outside the home.
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