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Years ago, when I lived in Colorado I often hunted with a decorated Korean War veteran. His only rifle was a surplus Czech Mauser stamped 7.9mm. The barrel was approx. 24 inches in length. But it fired Winchester 8mm ammo quite well. The military sights had been professionally replaced with modern receiver sight and slim post. I've read that American ammo is loaded to lower pressure than European ammo but this made no difference to my friend. He toppled mulies and pronghorn antelope every year with this outfit. He told me that he killed at several elk as well. I've witnessed that when a 8mm soft tip bullet crashes through the chest organs, the animal topples quickly. Internal damage is quite ghastly. Frankly, its all about shooting a good bullet into the right spot.

For a bolt action surplus rifle, Czech Mausers are keepers.

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