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how many other "California Gun Control Schemes" (paraphrased from dissenting opinion) will go down in smoke with it? Bullet Buttons, mag capacity limits, Micro Stamping???
I see just the opposite. If the gun control politicians in Colorado are any indication, then we can expect gun control politicians in California to continue to do everything they can to limit Second Amendment rights in any and every way they can.

When one avenue is closed, another avenue is pursued with even greater intensity.

So actually I would expect their efforts to be directed toward things like Bullet Buttons, mag capacity limits, Micro Stamping, more taxes and paperwork / bureaucracy / "regulation" on guns and ammunition. More fees and paperwork for purchasing and owning a firearm.

Illinois has the FOID, Cook County has taxes on firearms and ammunition purchases, New Jersey has its permitting scheme. There is Nassau County / Long Island's $340 residential handgun permit. Until those things get overturned, I would expect them to be used more heavily wherever anti-gunners hold power.
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