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Testosterone huh?...that's a new one to me. Maybe I need some of that stuff to toughen up my old hide. With a 3" shield of tough callous on their sides, they must grow some really tough hogs in California.
Unfortunately I guess the hogs just aren't that tough in Texas. I shot hog number 370 yesterday on the land I manage...about a 150/160 lb. boar...and I think he must have just given up out of shame for his lack of testosterone/mojo. He managed to succumb to a lowly subsonic 9mm out of a suppressed Sig.
I leave all the boars over 100 lbs. for the coyotes, buzzards and whatever critter likes them. Generally one night is all it takes for them to disappear in pieces into the brush. I do often find a hide left over, or a large piece of one as I guess they are pretty tough to chew. Within 2 days max, the buzzards pick all that tasty testosterone bearing shield off of the hide.....they must have some large caliber beaks.

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