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I own a 5.11 Rush 12 pack and have found it to be a very good all around pack. It’s an excellent EDC if you prefer a pack over a shoulder bag. I personally found using a backpack for EDC a little much for me and have switched back to a messenger type bag, but again this had nothing to do with the quality of the bag. I can’t really say if it’s worth the cost or not, but in my experience the 5.11 bags seem to be of good quality. I own three different bags and they have held up well to what I consider normal use.

For hiking I really prefer a pack designed specifically for hiking with a better waist belt, but the Rush 12 would probably work fine for short hikes.

As for a range bag to be honest I’m not sure it would be my first choice, but again if you’re looking for a multiuse bag it could work. Obviously a lot depends on how much you plan to carry, but just guessing you could probably carry a handgun or two, a few boxes of ammo, safety gear, and a basic tool kit.

If you haven’t done so you might consider bags from Maxpediton and Condor.
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