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Some tree stands accomodate heavy rifles quite well. My dad uses a tripod with a spinning seat. The retaining bar is about an arm-length in front of him and just below shoulder level. It holds his rifle to his shoulder; he doesn't need to use his hands to keep it all but ready to fire. I use a ladder stand and the retaining bar cannot be used as a rest for the rifle.

frankly it seems like most people don't want to walk 100 yards beyond their trucks. I see some guys parking their vehicles immediately below their stands even.

I always speculated that the less distance I had to walk to the tree stand - the better. I'd park my truck right under my tree stand thinking that a deer won't be AS alarmed by the smell of a truck than the smell I'd leave by touching knee-high brush or tree branches as I walk 200 yards through thick woods. I feel this way because I've seen a deer change behavior as it walked up to a trail I had traversed several hours before. I think it could smell my trail.
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