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Pf-9 loose pin what to do?

I recently bought a new PF-9 and noticed that after shooting it a pin keeps coming partially out. The pin never completely comes off. It's very hard to push it back in and I have to bang the pin on my garnet counter top to get it in.

Should I send it in for repairs or apply some sort of super glue at the end and see if that keeps it in place?

Keltec customer service really disappointed me recently. They never seem to answer their technical support line but did reply via email. I really would have like to speak to an actual person and not just read an email.

Anyways here are pictures of the pin out after shooting.

After I push it in this is what the other side (non protruding side) looks like. Take note of the small space where the pin is not completely flush with the frame.

I just sent a taurus tcp back for repairs and starting to feel frustrated about having to send another new gun out for repairs. I'm worried the PF-9 will come back and jam although it never has.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forum.
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