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You have some new information that the experts at Texas A&M have not been able to document. You should really document your findings and send them some pictures along with tissue samples to them.

Contact Texas A&M at Overton, TX with your findings, they will be excited at your new biological findings in female feral hogs. They will really be interested in cross gender hormonal genetics between male and female feral hogs.

Let us know what they have to say about the new break through of your knowledge. Can't wait to hear about it.

Dr. H. will be your primary person to contact.
Cool, tell them to head on over.

Funny you should mention T A&M, I had a professor in a college biology class tell us that cottonmouths didn't inhabit the state either, his degrees were from that school too. Didn't take long to prove him wrong. Maybe I should ask them about our alligator problem while I'm at it, same prof said we didn't have them either. Oh and tarpon and mantees, we don't ever see either of those, except we do.

Your Tejas brush country environment is completely different than this one is. Yes, you have thickets and dense brush, we have place that are so thick if your dog spends enough time in there it'll grow callouses on its shoulders.

Next big old sow we kill like that I'll put some pics up for you though.
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