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I have two differen Lee molds...

To use for this rifle.

The original is a 240 gr RNFP. The one I just purchased and haven't used yet is a 200 gr RNFP.

I got the second mold on the recommendation of one of our members who cautioned against heavy bullets in that rifle.

It sat well with me since I like a little speed.

I only have a sizer die (Lyman 450 press) for .44 Magnum and I can't recall the actual dimension it sizes to. I think it is .429. I also recall that most of my Lee molds produce a bullet which is slightly larger than the advertised diameter.

I have been traveling a lot and working a lot of hours for the University. I have even turned on my melting pot in about six weeks.

I gotta get my priorities straight.

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