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well military surplus arms really don't make good all purpose rifles unless you cut them up in which case the second your blade touches the rifles they emit a pheromone which is only detected by VFW members, senior citizens and sentimental collectors which have spent enough time around them to develop a symbiotic relationship. at this point every member of the forementioned group will gather at your place and curb stomp you for destroying a priceless piece of history.

personally, if you are looking for a good multipurpose light weight semi a SKS is probably the best for you, the M1 is good but 30-06 is spendy, most hunting ammo is not M1 approved and it's a heavier rifle platform.

for bolt actions a good springfield 1903A3 is probably your best if you are keeping original, a russian mosin nagant if you are planning on modifying it in any way.
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