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My closing thoughts: I like beautiful guns. I like engraving, and pearl grips, and well-done checkering or carving.
Cool. I like truly excellent engraving, but I'm very selective on the engraving I like. The really good stuff has detail and depth that rivals an exceptional painting; and a price tag to go with it.

I will be SOOOOOO glad when the word "Tactical" goes the way of the white-line spacer!!!
By "tactical", I can only assume you mean industrial looking doo-dads that folks like to bolt onto to their AR's, AK's, SKS's and whatnot. Some stuff is useful, some isn't. And, then some things like the Bumpfire stocks are just plain fun....for some. I like having the tactical crowd around because every now and then, I come across some neat stuff.

Revolvers are much more reliable than ANY semiauto pistol (An absolutely provable statement.)
That's just not true. I've fired Pythons with timing problems and I have a Sig X-Five that has yet to fail on me, even with all of the Wolf steel-cased ammo I feed it. Among the semi-autos that I've never experienced a gun related failure is my Glock 17 and Ruger LC9 (so far). The only failure I experienced with the Glock over the last 20 years was a squib. Fortunately, it wouldn't chamber another round. If I had this problem in a revolver, it could have been a big "Kaboom", if I was rapid firing it.

and finally, I will NEVER be so stupid as to attach a flashlight ("Tactical" or otherwise) to my firearm and then go into the dark place where the bad guy is hiding!!!
Not this again! This has been debated many times here and on other forums. I personally don't want a flashlight attached to my gun, but I don't care if others like them. There are valid reasons to have a flashlight attached to your pistol, even though I choose not to.

I welcome comments from all members of this forum.
I find it interesting that you start out by voicing your strong opinions on a number of things that have already been debated here and many other places. I guess my question to you is: "Why"?

But, all semiautos have more moving parts than revolvers, and more ways to fail, especially the magazine, the weakest link in any semiauto.
Another untrue statement: Steyr GB - 50 parts; Colt Python 52 parts.

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