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Originally Posted by MacNRA
However, some were mildly hostile, others misquoted me, and one sorta suggested I should brush up on my debating skills. I know a little about debating (Though not a lot) and I know that a good debater can win an argument, even when he's wrong. I'm not into debating per se, though I don't mind an intelligent, spirited discussion on any topic. I believe an argument should be based on its substantive content, not the debating skills of the debaters.
And we critiqued your post based on its substantive content. I never said you needed to change your debating technique, I simply pointed out that your revolver statement was extreme enough that it was simply flat-out wrong.

Also, I haven't seen anyone be hostile or misquote you here. What I have seen is a new member making extreme statements of opinion that he presented as fact. Well, we're simply arguing against those "facts" as you stated them.

Originally Posted by MacNRA
I am hoping to have many discussions with members of this forum, but if it's all about debating skills and following the (tactical) crowd, maybe this isn't the right forum for me.
Once again, nobody is referring to your debating skills. You made several statements that we disagreed with. We presented the reasons why we disagreed.

You came on this forum and made several blanket statements that are easily refuted. If you can't handle our responses to those statements without taking it personally, then you may be correct that this isn't the right forum for you.
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