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When my father came back from the SP (41st Inf Div) where he carried a carbine, you couldn't give him a Carbine, Garand, or 1911, he was tire of them and wanted nothing to do with them again.

Fast forward, he went back in when they started the Air Force in '47 and was sent to Germany during the Berlin Air Lift.

Up on coming home from that adventure, as he walked from the terminal to the plane, they had venders lined up selling 1911s and Carbines. Two mags each, Holsters for the 1911s, for a total price of $15 which included papers making them legal.

Again, he wanted nothing to do with them. He liked guns, but had enough of military weapons. It wasn't until Ruger came out with the BlackHawk in 30 cal carbine did he mentioned he wanted one. He liked the round, but not in a Carbine, had enough of those.

I kind of felt the same way when I came back from Vietnam..........My father never got over it, I did. Now I'm big into US Surplus weapons.
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